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Market-leading brands of process instrumentation and control valves for over 30 years. Fast, Reliable, Cost Effective! Now MANUFACTURING a FACTORY NEW S&S brand control valve that is a direct replacement for Fisher® at half the price. Ask for quote today! Other product and service offerings include the best remanufactured products on the market with savings 40-70% off retail, new surplus, a full service and repair facility, on-site field service, and engineering services.

Emerson® products such as Fisher®, Rosemount®, and Micromotion® are among those market-leading brands in which we specialize. Many other major brands are available so ask for us for a quote now.

Welcome to the Sullivan & Sons family, we are proud that you are allowing us to be your supplier in control valves and process instrumentation.

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Best choice in Control Valves and Process Instrumentation. Industry leading customer service and support. Top quality products. Amazing prices.
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