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The management and employees of Sullivan and Sons, Inc., are committed to providing the customer with outstanding, standards-compliant products and services. Our goal is to have zero defects in manufacturing and to build quality and reliability into our products and services through excellence in design, workmanship, and quality control, as well as through a continual drive for improvement. Sullivan and Sons' technicians use world-class technology during the testing and calibration procedures of all process instrumentation and control valves.

A partnership with an independent flow lab enables each coriolis flow product to be proved and certified by technicians specializing in flow calibrations using state-of-the art calibration and proving equipment. Also, as the only accredited aftermarket MicroMotion® meter calibration facility in the USA, the lab we use exclusively is uniquely qualified to calibrate any coriolis meters.

We truly have a commitment to excellence for all our control valves and process instruments. Our remanufactured valves are disassembled, sand blasted and powder coated. All soft parts, such as diaphragms, packing gaskets, and o-rings are replaced prior to reassembly. Gasket surfaces are machined back to OEM specifications and trim is either repaired or completely replaced. Lastly, all of our control valves are hydro-tested and calibrated using our world-class Calder high-performance valve tester.

Our control valves and a large majority of our process instrumentation are powder coated using the newest technology in powder coating systems. Powder coating gives a long-lasting durable finish that is resistant to corrosive and harsh weather environments.

The emphasis on quality is evident through the procedures and controls we implement to ensure a precise and reliable product at a fraction of the cost.

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