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Fisher 1052 - Pneumatic Diaphragm Rotary Actuator

Fisher 1052 - Pneumatic Diaphragm Rotary Actuator

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The Type 1051 and 1052 spring-return diaphragm rotary actuators operate splined shaft rotary valves, such as the edisc (Type 8510B and 8560), Types 8532 and 9500, eplug(Design BV500, CV500 and V500) and VBall (DesignV150, V200 and V300) valves. Types 1051 and 1052 actuators are both suitable for on-off service or for throttling service. The primary difference between these actuators is that the Type 1052 actuator has a spring adjuster (see figure 2) which means it may be used with or without a positioner, depending on service requirements. The Type 1051 actuator, in throttling service, is normally equipped with a valve positioner. Refer to separate bulletins for valve and positioner information.

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